What Do Scorpions Eat?

April 10, 2019

In nature, there are a lot of constants. One of these constants revolves around food. Whether it’s a panda that can consume 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo in a day or an olm that can go up to 10 years without food, every living thing needs to eat. That being established, we're here to answer a fairly interesting question, which is, what do scorpions eat?

a yellow ground scorpion crawling on the ground outside in phoenix arizona

What Are Scorpions?

Surely if you have lived here in Arizona for long enough, you have seen one of these eight-legged, two-clawed, stinger-equipped arachnids around and about. We'd even guess that you know their stingers can pack a decent punch of pain and unpleasant after effects, but did you know that they can be found on all continents except for Antarctica?
Cousins of the more well-known spider, scorpions have a lot of interesting facts behind their creepy looking exteriors. The most important thing you should know about scorpions is that they aren't typically deadly. In fact, across the world, there are only 25 species of scorpions that are known for their ability to kill humans and other large animals, none of which are native here. In Arizona, being bit by a scorpion will hurt, but unless you are an infant, elderly, or have pre-existing medical conditions, it won’t be fatal.

A Scorpions Favorite Foods

Now finally for why you are here. Let’s talk about what scorpions eat and discuss how these “foods” could be attracting scorpions into your home.
What may surprise you is that scorpions are just like their cousin the spider. They are hunters by nature that survive on... you guessed it! Other insects. Some scorpions can even take on larger animals such as lizards and that’s not even the craziest part, many female scorpions will even eat their mates after breeding. That being said, if scorpions have invaded into your home, they are most likely sticking around for the other pests that have also found their way inside.

What To Do If Scorpions And The Insects They Hunt Invade? 

It is fair to assume that if scorpions have gotten into your home, you want them out. No one needs a surprise scorpion sting to the heel when grabbing a midnight snack. If you are looking for a way to get scorpions and the food they hunt out of your home, we have your answer here at All Clear Pest Control. We even have treatments designed to keep future scorpions at bay. To get your very own professional pest control protection plan for your home, give us a call today! When you request a service with us, we will send one of our expert pest technicians your way ASAP to get you the pest defenses that you deserve.

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